Leopard (Scientific name: Panthera pardus) : It is a large carnivorous animal belonging to the genus Panthera and the class Mamma, with a body length of 100-150 cm and a weight of 50-100 kg. Body like tiger, but obviously smaller; Uniform body, medium – length limbs, toe – walking. Sight, hearing and smell are well developed. The head is small and the tail is long. The limbs are short and strong. The front foot is 5 toes and the back foot is 4 toes. Coat yellow, covered with black ring spots; The spots on the head are small and dense, and the spots on the back are dense and large. The spots are round or oval plum shaped patterns, and resemble ancient copper money, so it is also known as “Leopard”.
Live in forest, thicket, wetland, desert and other environment, its nest is built in dense trees, thickets or caves. They live alone, often active at night, and rest in trees or caves during the day. Where food is plentiful, the range of activity is more fixed; When food is scarce, they wander dozens of miles to find it. Guarding their more fixed territory, males have a larger territory than females. Prey on a variety of ungulate animals, but also prey on monkeys, rabbits, mice, birds and fish, in the autumn also eat sweet berries. When food was scarce, they also sneaked into villages at night to steal poultry and livestock.
It is widely distributed across many parts of Asia and Africa, from the Himalayas to the Sahara Desert.

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